Small Change Big Change – eBook

September 22, 2015

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Small Change Big Change is the follow up book to ‘Crimeson’, the exceptionally popular autobiography by Justin Gardner. This remarkable book explores the fascinating financial journey that Justin has been on since finding God. Homeless at just 14 years old, Justin lived a criminal life until the age of 22, when he miraculously became a Christian. Justin was in debt, had no savings and had a poverty mindset.

Justin is now a senior minister, author and public speaker, and he has broken free from living a debt-driven life to finding financial freedom. This book is his journey on becoming debt free and living a generous life. Small Change Big Change contains the principles and the disciplines that Justin has learnt and applied over the last 18 years that have opened amazing doors of opportunity and blessing in his life and in the lives of many others.

Small Change Big Change is a book that will show you how small changes in your financial habits and daily choices can make big changes in your future. What we do today will affect tomorrow, so Justin encourages the reader to get started now, to encourage a brighter future.

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