Small Change Big Change – Studybook

July 4, 2016

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Following on from the popular Small Change Big Change book by Justin Gardner, the Small Change Big Change Study Book is a practical guide to assist you in identifying and clarifying your views on God, money and Kingdom financial principles. This study book came about after the impact Small Change Big Change had on many peoples' financial lives.

The Small Change Big Change Study Book is designed to be an extra resource in conjunction with Small Change Big Change and can be used in a group setting or by an individual wanting to take their financial life to the next level. This practical study book deals with the mindsets and poor financial habits that are keeping many people bound in a prison of debt that is holding them back from the life that God has planned for them.

The Small Change Big Change Study Book is a great resource for churches, home groups, students and anyone else wanting to further their financial education, break free from debt and learn about the small financial keys of wisdom and discipline that can open big financial doors of blessing and financial freedom for their future.

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